Mesmerizing, brilliant and truly beautiful. Bravo.



Edouard Getáz, Producer, Filmmaker

I enjoyed the film. I really liked the use of contrast and shadows. It was very effective.



Raffaello D’Andrea

It is a really beautiful film. The body swimming slowly in the universe reminds me of the performing body in Japanese Noh. By catching the light, a part of the body becomes line-shaped and melted silently into the universe like an air. This shapeless world inspires my imagination.


Toyo Ito, Architect

The mood is very compelling as the darkness suggests infinity and open space. It implies a universe whereby the mathematic of the cosmos forms new moments where light reveals motion in space. The continuity and grace of the music has something melancholic and of memory: I find it feminine and its pace should be preserved this way, as if motion is seamless and constant. Its fluidity is close to my heart – sophisticated mystery rather than overt understanding in bright light.


Ross Lovegrove, Designer, Innovator

I admired enormously the film and the cosmic evolution of our humanitarian concerns. This work concerns all people. Wonderful film.



Carolyn Carlson, Dancer, Choreographer